How to use photographs for oral discussion

Photographs or cut-outs from newspapers/ magazines are very useful for oral discussion…as long as you don’t select a famous person or someone familiar to the pupils.

Question time: Pupils can choose a photograph and discuss using questions such as …

A flip chart can be useful in your ‘speaking and listening corner’.

It can be useful to have a flipchart in your ‘speaking and listening corner’. There are various things you will repeat each day as a teacher or during a particular lesson, and these pointers can be listed on a page in a flipchart ready for access at any time

Create a rich language-learning environment

The physical environment of a classroom has great power over the quality and the quantity of children’s experiences of oral language (Roskos & Neuman, 2002). Children use print available to them in the classroom and so when creating a rich language environment, be aware that the environment surrounding the pupils meditates the language that they will use.