Addition audio files

Some parents and teachers were looking for the addition songs I had up each day during the Covid 2020 lockdown.

Number facts are important for children to learn as they move through school. They help with mental maths. Memorising tables facts such as the multiplication and addition table facts makes it far quicker and easier for children to work out maths problems in their heads. Children can move beyond using their fingers to work out answers. This way, they will gradually be able to use their knowledge to solve maths questions quickly.

These recordings are just basic recordings of myself and my instruments at home…you may even hear a baby in the background and toy trucks dismantling my house! Still, they should help practise the addition tables!

By clicking the three dots at the end of each file you can easily download to save them.

Addition 2’s

Addition 3’s

Addition 4’s

Addition 5’s

Addition 6’s

Addition 7’s

Addition 8’s

Addition 9’s

Addition 10’s

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