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There are 8 themes in Aistear by, each with a pack of 15 A4 flashcards and a big book (hardback for longevity). Each big book links in the the New Primary Language Curriculum having the story in English and a shorter version at the bottom of each page in Gaeilge. The illustrations also contain maths elements.


Young children are like sponges, so it is vital to submerge them in language from an early age.  Children can develop language skills and expand their vocabulary through Nibbler’s adventures. Through having their new theme-based Word of the Day vocabulary as part of a Nibbler adventure, it makes it interactive and fun to learn. The more words pupils understand, the more they will be able to use.

Nibbler’s adventures provide a section at the back of each book giving suggestions for various activities, suitable questions and ideas for subsequent retellings. The practice of conversational language from each story with Nibbler the Puppet can lead to more successful role play in Aistear.


Each Nibbler adventure also contains a shortened conversion of the story to Irish. Using the same story in Irish is beneficial to the children, providing confidence in the language as they can follow Nibbler’s adventure, while also hearing new Irish vocabulary.


The wonderfully detailed illustrations of Nibbler’s adventures can be used to engage pupils in maths with counting, shape, measure and data. Even the most frustrated children can find this approach to maths engaging and friendly and thus more receptive to learning maths. These images are also available on a memory card for display on an interactive whiteboard.

Nibbler and the Mysterious Broomstick

For example, in the image above you can cover the following maths suggestions which can be found in the Teacher’s Handbook;

Find sets of 2: 2 snails, 2 fingers, 2 eyeballs, 2 worms, 2 skeleton fish, 2 letters, 2 scrolls, 2 stools, 2 spiders, 2 windows, 2 envelopes.

Find sets of 4 in the same way: 4 torches, 4 rats’ tails, 4 warts, 4 tongues, 4 mushrooms, 4 frogs, 4 teeth, 4 panes in each window.

Count from 1-6: 1 broom, 2 snails, 3 drawers with circle knobs, 4 torches, 5 sections in the cupboard/ 5 towers in the small castle, 6 candles.

Discuss height and size of stools and candles. Candles of varying heights can be used for ‘time‘ discussion

Discuss the pattern in the witch’s tights.

Shape and colour in drawer knobs.

Follow Nibbler on his adventures which are educational in many ways…perfect for story time read-alouds. 

Nibbler, the little white mouse
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