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Maths ‘Number Vision’ cards and activities (free downloads)

Let’s get those kids talking numbers!

Please don’t be expecting fancy looking cards using modern software, (I’m still Microsoft Word all the way) but hopefully you will find the content useful. I will be adding to this list. I usually print the different sets out onto coloured card for class use. I have them gathered over the years and now have them stored in homemade boxes (thank goodness for shoe boxes!), one for 1st/ 2nd class level, 3rd/ 4th class level and 5th/6th class level.

Number Vision: Maths Trail cards (Indoor and outdoor math trail cards)

Number Vision: Counting Stick Activities

Number Vision: Target Board cards

Maths puzzles and answers

Number Vision: Digit cards

Nibbler’s Aistear Adventures record book (Free download)

*5 minutes daily to cover oral language & vocabulary development in the junior classes

Click to access sample download of Nibbler’s Aistear Adventures Record Book

By using this record book daily which is incorporated into Nibbler’s Aistear Adventures resource, your child has the opportunity to learn a new theme-based word every day.  

Tongue twisters are included as they are important for pronouncing vowels and consonants, strengthening speech skills, practicing articulation, and learning about alliteration.Each theme also has activities to reinforce understanding of positional language.

Wellbeing is especially important for children also and this record book provides opportunities for children to discuss their feelings.

All of this is covered by using Nibbler’s Adventures puzzle book for just a few minutes each day! A free sample of one section is available to download here…

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