Oral Language and Vocabulary Development for children at home (free downloadable)

Oral language is our earliest form of communication and it is essential as we use it daily to communicate our needs. Language to crucial to learning as it gives a child entry to a world of knowledge, unlocking the world of the imagination, reading, providing skills to write, and helping us grow as individuals. Without language, a word gap ensues.

This is one of the reasons I created ‘Nibbler’s Adventures’, a daily record ‘puzzle’ book for children, published by http://www.cleverkids.ie. It has everything you need to provide that essential vocabulary. It is especially useful now as children do not have their usual access to daily classroom conversation and vocabulary development and it is easy to use at home, with just a few minutes each day.

By using Nibbler’s Adventures puzzle book your child has the opportunity to learn a new theme-based word every day.  

Through using the puzzle book oral language is encouraged with simple debates, opportunities for talk and discussion and idioms, understanding figurative speech.

Tongue twisters are included as they are important for pronouncing vowels and consonants, strengthening speech skills, practicing articulation, and learning about alliteration.

Each theme also has activities to reinforce understanding of positional language.

Wellbeing is especially important at this strange time for children also and this record book provides opportunities for children to discuss their feelings.

All of this is covered by using Nibbler’s Adventures puzzle book for just a few minutes each day! A free sample of one section is available to download here…https://www.cleverkids.ie/Nibbler_download.pdf

Since many enjoyed the sample and have contacted me regarding the rest of the puzzle book, you can purchase the full version from cleverkids.ie at the link icon below…


Good luck, I hope you enjoy it and stay safe.


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