Nibbler’s Aistear Adventures

My aim with Nibbler’s Aistear Adventures is to seamlessly and simultaneously integrate all elements of the infant programme in a wholistic way through play, right across the curriculum from the New Primary Language Curriculum, STEM, across all subject areas and with an opportunity to introduce early coding.

  • Nibbler's hometown 'Sandy Shore'

What is in Nibbler’s Aistear Adventures resource?

There are 8 themed packs. Each themed pack contains the following:

You can view more detail on each part of the resource in the drop down menu under the Aistear heading in the menu at the top of the page or click the links in italics above. 

There are 8 themes in Nibbler’s Aistear Adventures. These themes have been carefully chosen so children can learn about different ways of life, different cultures, safety and a hint of fantasy for the imagination. Everything is there as a guide for the teacher in each theme. However, by linking other themes into the seasons, it is also a versatile resource and gives way for teachers and children who are looking at emergent learning to branch out from these Aistear themes. 

  1. Circus
  2. Halloween (autumn)
  3. Pirate (fantasy)
  4. Post office (winter/ Christmas)
  5. Fire (safety)
  6. Vet (spring)
  7. Multicultural
  8. Camping (summer)

What’s so special about this resource

Nibbler’s Adventures represents a new innovation in children’s books. The illustrations on each page are loaded with hidden value. Look out for mathematical elements of shape, patterns and numbers; of emotional expressions like happiness, sadness, surprise.

Play is the common denominator that seamlessly and simultaneously links all four pillars of Aistear; Well-being, Identity & Belonging, Communicating, Exploring & Thinking. With Nibbler’s Adventures children can learn language, number, problem-solving, well-being and coding all at the same time, all through the medium of play.

Nibbler’s Aistear Adventures, a complete educational resource, helps to provide the teacher and pupils with a framework for learning through play. (Check

Nibbler’s Aistear Adventures has been created based on the four themes in the National Aistear framework.

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