Aistear Activities: The Vet

To aid with current distance learning, which unfortunately will still be in place for another while, I have posted some ideas from my resource Nibbler’s Aistear Adventures ( or which might be useful for parents and teachers during remote teaching. There is enough content here to cover you for a few weeks with a new word of the day each day, learning through play activity and illustrations to encourage maths discussion.

I’ve used the theme of the vet as it can also be integrated into spring. In the 23 suggested play activities below I’ve tried to include the different play stations, ones that parents should be able to adapt at home. I’ve included some images of Words of the Day should teachers wish to give a new word everyday to link with the vet theme.

The illustrations below have been taken from my book ‘Nibbler Goes to the Vet’ and can be used to engage children in maths with counting, shape, measure, pattern etc. Children often find this approach to maths engaging and friendly and thus more receptive to learning maths.

Feel free to take screenshots of the different activities or use them as you wish. If you have any questions please just ask.

Julieanne x

23 Vet Aistear activities

Use the illustrations from ‘Nibbler Goes to the Vet’ for mathematical discussion

Vet themed ‘Words of the Day’

It is good for children’s oral language and vocabulary development to expose them to new vocabulary, rich adjectives etc. We aren’t expecting the children to read or write these words yet, just to use them orally so don’t be afraid that they are too big!

Children can discuss the word, draw pictures or make something from Lego associated with their new word and try making a sentence orally with their new word. Encourage children to try and use their new word throughout the day!

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