Julieanne Devlin B.Ed., M.Sc. 

I am a teaching deputy principal, working and living in Co. Donegal with my husband and our five children. I am currently teaching a multigrade classroom of 2nd, 3rd and 4th classes. I qualified with a Bachelor of Education from St. Patrick’s College in 2002, a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from St. Patrick’s College in 2004 and a Master of Science from Dublin City University in 2007.

I have always had a love for oral language and I’m the author of Language for Living: Tip of the Tongue, an oral language and vocabulary development resource for primary schools which is being used throughout Ireland and the UK. I have facilitated oral language and vocabulary development courses since its publication in 2016 in various County Education Centres in Ireland and spoken at the Birmingham Education Show and also the International Teaching and Learning Conference.

At IPPN 2020 I gave seminars on ‘Closing the Word Gap’ through oral language and vocabulary development.

I have been working in recent years on developing Nibbler’s Adventures, a resource for Aistear (by eduhub.ie) that seamlessly integrates language, maths, identity and well-being, through the wonderful medium of play.  

I am passionate about teaching and optimizing the progress of my pupils. The resources I have created are now available for other teachers and their classrooms. I hope you like them.  

The resources seek to instill confidence and competence in the spoken word and look to narrow the ‘word gap’ that exists between some pupils and their peers.

My aim for this blog is to give support to those using Aistear in the junior classrooms and work on improving oral language and vocabulary development throughout the school. Hopefully our efforts as teachers will…get those kids talking!

*As of March 2020, due to school closure amid Covid-19, I used this blog as a space to upload educational lessons and activities to help those who wished to avail of them. Stay safe x

Julieanne Devlin

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