Webinar on Oral Language Development

Webinar two, on oral language and vocabulary development (continuing on from webinar one on vocabulary development), will be taking place on Thursday, 8th October from 7 pm to 8 pm. The focus will be on some vocabulary development again but mainly oral language development.

If you are planning on registering for oral language development ideas you
can register at www.edcentretralee.ie. or direct at… https://www.edcentretralee.ie/cpd-courses-tralee-kerry/online-primary/1293-20tra600-oral-language-development.html

The guts of a few hundred have already registered, which I am delighted with! The spaces are limited though. It’s a FREE webinar this time, and unfortunately probably my last on this topic for a while as I am going on maternity leave soon.

My aim with this webinar is to provide teachers with practical ideas on how
to build children’s competence and confidence in oral language. I plan to go through some ideas of how we, as educators, can help children build strong oral language skills.

Oral language skills form the foundation for the reading and writing skills children will develop as they progress through school. Having a strong foundation in oral language helps children become strong communicators, successful readers, building competence and confidence as well as an overall sense of well-being.

Unfortunately, many children are missing out on important oral language skills from a young age. Much research indicates that without a solid foundation in oral language skills, children will not develop competency in reading and writing.

Children learn best when they are engaged and interacting. It’s essential to develop a love for language, to foster that love in children.
We can help our students become better learners, readers, writers and speakers through the power of vocabulary and confidence with essential oral language skills

Many thanks to Tralee Education Centre who is hosting the webinar in partnership with Clare Education Centre, Monaghan Education Centre and Navan Education Centre.

Get your questions ready for me! I’m looking forward to answering them. 

Julieanne x

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