Phrase of the Day

Using the idea of D.E.A.R time (Drop everything and read) or E.R.I.C (Everyone reads in class) for twenty minutes a day, letting the pupils select their own books and read at a time during the school day that suits you, can have tremendous benefits for children (including those who don’t like to read as they just may discover a book that they like.)

Encourage the pupils when they read to write down nice phrases they may come across that they could use in their own writing. It can be a lovely idea for pupils to share a phrase they have found with the rest of the class in the morning when your do the Word of the Day.

Pupils can record their daily phrase at the back of their log book where they record the Word of the Day. Some days there can be a lot of eager pupils’ wanting to give a phrase and likewise other days with no phrases but try and stick to selecting just one phrase each day and encourage pupils to use this phrase in their writing/ homework.

Examples of these phrases being used by pupils in their writing can be seen below.

We all know that developing a love for reading in our pupils has many advantages, from expanding pupils’ vocabulary, helping with spelling, grammar, punctuation and much more.

Here are some examples of phrases to get you started with your class (2nd class upwards/ 8-years of age upwards)

‘Rescue’ story by an 8-year-old pupil using words of the day and phrases of the day

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