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Bee Bot is a programmable floor robot, perfect for Early Years and Lower Primary. The Bee Bot is a perfect starting point for teaching control, the fundamentals of computational thinking, directional language and programming.

Bee Bot

Pupils can develop an understanding of sequencing, computational thinking and the mathematical concepts of location, distance and coordinates through programming the Bee Bot to follow commands such as forwards, backwards, left and right.

Linking the Bee Bot to Aistear

I am a big advocate for incorporating Digital Technologies with other areas of learning to create a hands-on learning experience. Thus, linking in the Aistear themes by, I have created picture-based cards to be used with the Bee Bot.

Each Aistear themed pack of Bee Bot cards come with a challenge card as a guide for the teacher, listing various challenges for the pupils to complete using the Bee Bot.

When using the Bee Bot, pupils can deepen their understanding of particular skills, creating, exploring and problem-solving, all within their Aistear by eduhub theme, a framework for learning through play…in every way.

Nibbler’s home town of Sandy Shore as a Bee Bot map
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