Conversation Stations

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An area is set up in the class, where the teacher has an opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with four or five children each day, with a particular topic in mind. Pupils have the opportunity to talk, to have language modelled for them and to get feedback on their conversation/ language. The conversation station can be used with any age group as an effective activity to promote vocabulary and language development in the classroom.

The area may have posters, flashcards, other resources to stimulate conversation, as well as prompts such as rules about good conversation, listening skills, etc.

We use conversation stations in our school but as we are a small school we can’t get having a conversation with 4 or 5 pupils each day …so we adjust to suit. It works very well with team teaching also.

The video below is excellent and will explain the conversation stations in more detail.

More videos are available at PDST Literacy – Primary. Good luck!

Conversation stations with junior classes

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