Webinar: Let’s talk Aistear with ‘Nibbler’s Aistear Adventures’

Please note: http://www.cleverkids.ie are delighted to offer a €100 discount on my resource ‘Nibbler’s Aistear Adventures’ to all participants on this webinar. A code will be given to you during the webinar. This offer will be valid until 31st October.

I’m looking forward to my webinar on Nibbler’s Aistear Adventures on Monday (19th October at 7pm.) Thank you to those who have already registered. Places are limited but there is still space so please do register or pass on the word to other teachers of Aistear!

It has taken me over two years to put this resource together and to be honest I am very proud of it. A lot of research went into it to try and create everything a teacher would need when covering Aistear, while also bearing in mind advice from inspectors, NCCA, PDST, teachers and lecturers, all of which I took on board and have thankfully now received fantastic feedback on.

What is Nibbler’s Aistear Adventures?

Nibbler’s Aistear Adventures is a comprehensive resource for the delivery of the Aistear programme for junior and senior infants in Irish primary schools. It is the only full programme for Aistear developed, thus far, in Ireland.

Aistear emphasises holistic and integrated learning, and like Aistear, the Curriculum is founded on the principle of the integration of learning.

“Children learn many different things at the same time. What they learn is connected to where, how and with whom they learn.” (NCCA, 2009, p.10).

A main element that was portrayed to me was to try and encourage that Aistear is taught across the curriculum and not in isolation as a unit on its own. But is this integration happening? It can be difficult for teachers to source and provide ideas and plan for integrating Aistear in this way.

Nibbler to the rescue!

Nibbler’s Aistear Adventures is a resource that seamlessly and simultaneously integrates all elements of the infant programme right across the curriculum.

Each theme is integrated across Language (English and Gaeilge), mathematics, Aistear stations (playdough, sand, water, sensory, construction, junk art, small world) and cross curricular with history, geography, science, SPHE, art, physical education, music etc.

An opportunity to integrate the basics of coding and problem solving with the resource is also available, as is the provision of oral language and vocabulary development (with as little as 10 minutes each day) linked into each theme.

“For the young child, the distinctions between subjects are not relevant: what is more important is that he or she experiences a coherent learning process that accommodates a variety of elements.”(Primary school Curriculump.16)

My aim with Nibbler’s Aistear Adventures resource is to seamlessly and simultaneously integrate all elements of the infant programme in a wholistic way through play.

I look forward to talking to you on Monday night. I aim to talk through all elements of the resource and Aistear in general, so the webinar should be helpful to all teachers of junior classrooms, regardless of having the resource or not.

If you are planning on registering for Nibbler’s Aistear Adventures you
can register at www.edcentretralee.ie. or direct at… https://www.edcentretralee.ie/cpd-courses-tralee-kerry/online-primary/1313-20-tra265-nibbler-s-aistear-adventures.html

Tralee Education Centre is facilitating this webinar in partnership with Clare Education Centre, Monaghan Education Centre and Navan Education Centre, so you can register through these centres also.

It’s a FREE webinar, which I am very grateful to the Education Centres for and unfortunately my last for a while as I am going on maternity leave soon so please avail of the opportunity to learn more about Aistear and have all your questions ready!

Julieanne x

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