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Educational videos for teachers/ parents to aid the development of vocabulary and oral language skills with children. Let’s get those kids talking!

Please note: It is not necessary for you to have the resource to watch these videos. My aim is for these videos to be helpful to those wishing to concentrate on the areas of oral language and vocabulary development regardless of having the resource or not.

Below, you will find 19 videos covering some areas of Language for Living: Vocabulary at the Tip of your Tongue. I have worked for years in creating this resource, initially for our school, so we would have a complete programme for Oral Language and vocabulary development.

Before beginning any areas of the Language for Living resource you may find it useful to watch the corresponding short video. Videos included are;

Introductory video, tongue twisters, debates, barrier games, vocabulary (words of the day), photographs, object & talk cards, category dice, co-operative learning role activities, scenarios, story starters, Homonyms, synonyms & antonyms, grammar cards (word class), idioms, overused vocabulary, feeling vocabulary, question card activities and the ‘Tip of the Tongue’ meeting.

I hope you find the videos helpful in getting you started with Language for Living: Vocabulary at the Tip of your Tongue.

This point is only applicable to the IRISH curriculum:

With the 2019 review of the learning outcomes of the New Primary Language Curriculum, some of the Learning Outcome numbers mentioned at the end of the videos are no longer applicable. I am working on creating an updated template of the numbered Learning outcomes which I will post when complete.


Tongue Twisters


Barrier Games

Words of the Day: Junior classes (Language for Living Box 1)

Words of the Day: Middle and senior classes (Language for Living boxes 2 & 3)

Photo Cards

Object & Talk Cards

Category Dice

Learning Role Cards

Scenario Cards

Story Starters

Homonyms, Synonyms & Antonyms

Grammar/ Word Class/ Parts of speech cards


Overused Vocabulary


Question Cards/ Show and Ask

Please note, in trying to make the Language for Living resource more compact, Teddy Bear Ted has been removed. The class can still use the ideas suggested with their own classroom teddy.

Tip of the Tongue Meeting

Tip of the Tongue meeting is a short morning meeting, usually carried out once a week, recapping new vocabulary recently taught, idiom of the week, tongue twister of the week, discussion on feelings, reporting on current news affairs etc.

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