*As of March 2020, due to school closures amid Covid-19, I used this blog as a space to upload educational lessons and activities to help those who wished to avail of it. As requested by many I will keep the activity suggestions posted here to use at your own free will under the menu heading of ‘Covid Home School’. Julieanne x

Nibbler’s Adventures

Nibbler’s Aistear Adventures is a comprehensive resource I created for the delivery of the Aistear programme for junior and senior infants in Irish primary schools.

Aistear emphasises wholistic and integrated learning, and like Aistear, the Curriculum is founded on the principle of the integration of learning.

                “Children learn many different things at the same time. What they learn is connected to where, how and with whom they learn.” (NCCA, 2009, p.10).

My aim with Nibbler’s Aistear Adventures resource is to seamlessly and simultaneously integrate all elements of the infant programme in a wholistic way through play, right across the curriculum from the New Primary Language Curriculum, STEM, across all subject areas and with an opportunity to introduce early coding.

          “For the young child, the distinctions between subjects are not relevant: what is more important is that he or she experiences a coherent learning process that accommodates a variety of elements.” (Primary school Curriculum p.16)

More detail and videos are available in the menu above or at this link…https://julieannedevlin.com/aistear-by-eduhub/

Free pdf download on oral language and vocabulary development from the children’s record book from Nibbler’s Aistear Adventures…https://www.cleverkids.ie/Nibbler_download.pdf

Language for Living

I am a firm believer in developing oral language and vocabulary skills in children. I developed ‘Language for Living’ (also referred to as Tip of the Tongue), which contains a wealth of inspiring resources for the development of oral language and vocabulary development.

  • Offers planned, intentional teaching of vocabulary…words of the day/ overused words and expressions etc.
  • A progressive, considered method to narrow the word gap
  • Hands on, ready to use.
  • Adaptable to the learning needs of different children.
  • learning through play, games and activities.

It is available from http://www.eduhub.ie or http://www.cleverkids.ie (Ireland) or http://www.tts-international.com (UK). More detail and videos are available in the menu above.

Enjoying IPPN Conference 2019 & 2020

Language is the most powerful instrument in human progress.

Maria Montessori

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela

We can share with our children a wealth of words…by closing the vocabulary gaps for children in our classrooms with their peers, we can offer them the vital academic tools for school success, alongside the capability to communicate with confidence in the world beyond the school gates.


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