Math puzzles and answers

I hope everyone is enjoying Maths Week? I uploaded some target cards yesterday to suit classes 3rd to 6th. They cover areas such as number, time, decimals, fractions, number facts, length, weight, capacity etc. A selection of target cards for 1st and 2nd to follow later this week. I uploaded some maths games on InstagramContinue reading “Math puzzles and answers”

The use of ‘digit cards’ in class

Free maths resources to download! I hope everyone is getting settled back into school life, strange though it may be this September! I think by now maybe you can guess how much I believe in pupils learning through hands-on/ talk activities, be it vocabulary/oral language or in the case of maths, opportunities for mental mathsContinue reading “The use of ‘digit cards’ in class”

Ideas to expand ‘feelings’ or ’emotions’ vocabulary in the classroom

‘Feelings’ or ‘emotion’ vocabulary is important for pupils to develop. They can use the vocabulary to express themselves and gain confidence speaking in front of an audience. Developing this vocabulary or doing the following activities can tie into other subject areas such as Social Personal Health Education or Drama.