Last Vocabulary Development Webinar before the summer holidays

I’m delighted to be invited by Donegal Education Centre to present my webinar on Vocabulary Development on Tuesday, 15th June from 7pm to 8pm. This is the same webinar as the one I presented a few weeks ago with Galway Education Centre. As some were unable to tune in on Wednesdays I hope this dateContinue reading “Last Vocabulary Development Webinar before the summer holidays”

Vocabulary Development Webinar

I’m looking forward to presenting a webinar on my beloved topic ofvocabulary development today, Wednesday, 19th May from 7 pm to 8 pm. A huge thank you to Galway¬†Education Centre for the invitation. There will be a follow up webinar focusing on Oral Language Development in the classroom next Wednesday, 26th May. My aim withContinue reading “Vocabulary Development Webinar”

Math puzzles and answers

I hope everyone is enjoying Maths Week? I uploaded some target cards yesterday to suit classes 3rd to 6th. They cover areas such as number, time, decimals, fractions, number facts, length, weight, capacity etc. A selection of target cards for 1st and 2nd to follow later this week. I uploaded some maths games on InstagramContinue reading “Math puzzles and answers”