Using barrier games for the teaching of positional language, demonstration of understanding & categorisation

Barrier games encourage children to be precise in what they are saying and can be used in many ways to practice giving and receiving instructions from others.

Phrase of the Day

We all know that developing a love for reading in our pupils has many advantages, from expanding pupils’ vocabulary, helping with spelling, grammar, punctuation and much more.

Using the idea of D.E.A.R time (Drop everything and read) or E.R.I.C (Everyone reads in class) for twenty minutes a day, letting the pupils select their own books and read at a time during the school day that suits you, can have tremendous benefits for children (including those who don’t like to read as they just may discover a book that they like.)

Sample lesson plan for descriptive story writing using words-of-the-day and senses

Sample lesson plan for descriptive story (Some ‘jungle’ themed words of the day and descriptive story sheet on my Instagram highlights under the heading ‘jungle’. See teacher_julieanne.