Wednesday 18th March

I would encourage you use a copy and keep everything you do each day in the one copy. Maybe you can show all your work to your teacher when you return to school. And don’t forget to slot some reading time into your day!

English activity

English ‘Words of the Day’ (WOTD)

Expand your child’s vocabulary daily with the Word of the Day.

Junior classes: There will be a post office themed word each day (taken from Nibbler’s Aistear Adventures)

Middle classes: There will be a ‘pirate’ themed word each day. (Taken from Language for Living box 2)

Senior classes: There will be a ‘volcano’ themed word each day. (Taken from Language for Living Box 3)

An talk and discussion sheet incorporating the different themed words of the day will be given after 15 words (3 weeks)

To do:

Introduce the new word daily, discuss it and put it into a sentence. Plan for the use of this word throughout the day, in written work or orally. Display the word in a prominent place for your child to see it, creating a word wall. Revise the growing bank of words daily to ensure retention to long term memory. Once a bank of 15 themed words have been covered (after 3 weeks), I will post a Talk & Discussion sheet for each theme.

Talk & Discussion for younger children (NB: It can be adapted for older children)

This can be adapted to a Barrier Game for older children. If you can print the images/ use two devices, yourself and your child or two children sit opposite each other with their different images. Through questioning and describing, they determine the four differences between their images. They can compare at the end to see how they did!

Irish activity

Maths activity: Money

Children can learn a lot and get a better understanding of money by ‘hands on’ activities.

Juniors: 1.Make a caterpillar of some coins and add up their value

2.Make coin rubbings and become familiar with the different coins, their size and colours.

coin rubbing and matching

Middle upwards: 1.Find a variety of coins that will add up to 50c, 75c, 100c (one euro) etc.

2.Role play a shop, label your foods with prices and give the correct change when somebody buys something from your shop.

4.Sort all the coins out into bags of 2c, 5c, 10c, 20c, etc and label their totals. How much do you have altogether?

5.Change the coins from cent to euro e.g. 57c = €0.57 (you don’t use the cent sign and € sign at the same time). Practice your mental maths…how much more do you need to get €1 or €2 etc.

MONEY GAME (you can use dice or even a pack of cards)

Roll two dice and match the coins to that amount. e.g. you get a 6 and a 5 which is 11 so find 11c. Older pupils could multiply the two numbers; 6×5=30 so find 30c. The more dice or cards you use, the harder the game!

Math Target Cards for 1st -6th classes

Do whatever questions you are able to do in the card assigned to your class level.

History activity

Construction activity

For the above history activity you may wish to create a capsule from boxes and decorate it.

Image result for art time capsules for kids

Physical/ outdoor suggestion for this week

@DonegalPaul9 will post an activity each week so keep an eye out for that

If you have any questions for me, or suggestions that you would like me to include, please contact me. My details are at the bottom of the ‘home’ page. I will do my best.


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