Monday 8th-12th June

We are in the month of June now. If children were at school, work would be slowing down a bit with school tours, sports days etc.

For this reason, and also the fact that I have much deputy principal related work & class teacher duties to work on this month in preparation for School re-opening in August/September, I will not be posting work daily but instead putting up a variety of suggested activities children can work on throughout the week if they wish.

I would also emphasis at this point what you can do for your child throughout the summer months…read, read and read some more! Even listening to ‘read alouds’ has been proven to be beneficial for pupils and developing reading skills. I would also stress the importance of revising number facts throughout the summer to help your child return to school. As usual if you have any questions please contact me…all my contact details are on my home page.

Go on a virtual school tour…link below to a lovely website. Enjoy!

English (Integration with other areas)

Link below to David Walliams ‘Elevenses’ everyday …

Link below to Story Line Online with lots of ‘read alouds’ for younger children every day.

English/ Well-being



Art & craft (& biodiversity)


Other subject areas

Integration with music

Number facts this week…

That’s the lot for this week. If you have any questions please contact me.


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