Friday, 20th March 2020

This is a difficult time so there is no pressure on parents to do any of these activities. There is enough stress added to many households as it is. These are just suggestions if you want them…but don’t forget to try and slot some reading time into your day! If you partake in the activities I would encourage you use a copy and keep everything you do each day in the one copy. Maybe you can show all your work to your teacher when you return to school!

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If you wish to share some of your activities/ art/ construction etc. just post on Instagram with the following hashtag so I can see…#julieannecovidhomeschool

English activity

English ‘Words of the Day’ (WOTD)

Expand your child’s vocabulary daily with the Word of the Day.

Junior classes: There will be a post office themed word each day (taken from Nibbler’s Aistear Adventures)

Middle classes: There will be a ‘pirate’ themed word each day. (Taken from Language for Living box 2)

Senior classes: There will be a ‘volcano’ themed word each day. (Taken from Language for Living Box 3)

An talk and discussion sheet incorporating the different themed words of the day will be given after 15 words (3 weeks)

To do:

Introduce the new word daily, discuss it and put it into a sentence. Plan for the use of this word throughout the day, in written work or orally. Display the word in a prominent place for your child to see it, creating a word wall. Revise the growing bank of words daily to ensure retention to long term memory. Once a bank of 15 themed words have been covered (after 3 weeks), I will post a Talk & Discussion sheet for each theme.

GAME: Word Recognition for younger children

Irish activity

Maths Game: Get your deck of cards!

Math Number Line Cards for 1st -6th classes

Do whatever questions you are able to do in the card assigned to your class level.

Maths Puzzles

Mother’s Day Ideas (Construction/ junk art/ cards)

Nothing very fancy here, but encouraging children to use materials in the house that you are finished with…as in junk…odd socks, cereal boxes etc and see what they can create you for Mother’s Day!

Other activity ideas for Mother’s Day:

Mother’s Day Card suggestion

Physical Activity

For more Physical Education, visit the Official Donegal page on Facebook for some visual skills training videos from the Donegal players. Click the link below for one example of a video. There are some on football and hurling.

Science/ SPHE (Social Personal and Health Education)

Rainy Day Suggestions

If you have any questions for me, or suggestions that you would like me to include, please contact me. My details are at the bottom of the ‘home’ page. I will do my best. More activities will be posted on Monday!


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